We at MG Line offer you a broad set of services, such as ocean and air frieght forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, insurance, project tracking and management, and more... We have gathered more than 40 years of experience in the field, which gives us the ability to give you the best service you could get. Anywhere. Any time.


MG Line provides a broad set of services, by air or sea:

By Sea

Over 40 years of experience delivering freights over the sea, give you a high level of service and reliablity. Our strong connections with all players in the field will ensure that you will get the most efficient delivery service. In addition, we are a certified shipping agency of Marguisa.

By Air

Air cargo service can be arranged to all worldwide destinations. Due to the quicker service, and virtually no limits with regards to the weight or size of cargo, you will find that shipping cargo by this method will be slightly more expensive; however, it is the perfect solution for urgent shipments, or cargo that is time sensitive.


MG Line Trade and Logistic Solutions is a private company which was founded on 2008 by Moshe Gabbai. MG Line gathers his 40 years of experience in areas all across the logistic chain. Moshe has been working and managing export / import divisions and business development divisions in various shipping companies, and also was an active partner in various cooperations.

MG Line is part of one of the Israeli leading logistic groups, containing also Peltransport, Oshfir, AllWays Gateport and Sonigo. These cooperations extend MG Line's reachability to all needed services.

Note from the CEO

Have you ever thought about how the glass or computer on your desk have got there? Did you know that a complex logistic process allowed it to be at your service?

If you'll take a high-level look on the shipping logistics field, you can see that it's a super simple process - move something from A to B. But if you drill down, you discover a fascinating world, that even after 40 years of experience can still make me feel in love with this profession.

MG Line Trade and Logistic Solutions was founded in order to be different and special among all other competitors worldwide. Only because we are a small and agile company, we distinguish ourselves by using out of the box thinking, and a little extra Israeli Chutzpa :) We don't use the words "Can't", "No", "Don't", and believe that our service and professionality are the core foundations for pleased customers.

Sincerely yours,

Moshe Gabbai, CEO


MG Line Trade & Logistic Solutions

Infinity Park Tower
6, Hapnina Street
Ra’anana 4321544 Israel
Office: +972 58 783 3301
Mobile: +972 54 978 4288

Operation Branches:
Tel-Aviv (TLV) Air Port
Ashdod (ILASH) Sea Port
Haifa (ILHFA) Sea Port